Dyno Time

Wasn’t able to do any full pulls due to a slipping transmission, but got part throttle dialed pretty well.

Home made exhaust

Old mufflers welded to reducers and flex pipe behind that. Sounds pretty bad, but finally getting good AFR readings from o2 sensors…

Dash Finished

Dash is done. I still need to hook up the door ajar and headlight warning lights. The speedo won’t work until I have the AOD trans in or I get a VSS for the C4. Still not sure what direction to take there.
Pretty happy with the install. The oil gauge isn’t set back into the dash the way the others are. I tried to print a bezel, but it just didn’t turn out right.

Rear Disk Brakes (and 5 lug)

Two of the major problems with the Mustang II are the 4 lug wheels and the crappy brakes. I solved this with new axles, and a disk brake kit from Summit Racing: RSD-ZDCDS03. I was able to use the factory parking brake cable.
I will write up a full story with instructions when the system is finished.

Dash Update

New dash is coming together. Have five gauges mounted, just need to mount oil pressure and finish warning lights. I 3d printed brackets to hold the gauges behind the original locations.

Mustang II EFI Running

The EFI is running ok so far, a SERIOUS exhaust leak is keeping me from tuning much. AFR readings are super erratic. It really needs a trip to the muffler shop. Also brakes still suck and I don’t know why.