The Second Generation Ford Mustang

In 1974 the Ford Mustang was completely redesigned.  It was an attempt to keep up with the changing automotive world.  Rising gas prices, emission testing and insurance rates were the new norm.


The  1974 Mustang II was smaller and narrower than the boat like 1973 model.  This was the only year in the history of the Mustang that there was no V8 option available.  The two choices were a 2800cc V6 and a 2300 I4.  The six was around 95 horsepower and the four was even less.  A three speed automatic or four speed standard shift transmission was used with either.

The 1974 Mustang is different from other gen two cars because of a different hood and front clip.  It has a much deeper front grill as well.


The 1975 model added a 302 V8 to the lineup.  It was rated around 135 horsepower and could be mated to the C4 automatic or four speed manual gearbox.  The grill, radiator support and front clip are re-designed.


The 1976 model year added the “Cobra II” package.  It included a front chin spliter, a tail and racing stripes.  Performance is un-affected.  All three engines are available in the Cobra II, but four cylinders are rare.


In 1977 Ford made no major changes until mid year when a T top option was added.  Only 2+2 and Mach 1 trim lines had the option.


The final year of the second generation Mustang was mechanically unchanged.  T-Tops were available and the Cobra Stripes changed to a single multi color stripe over the car.  A new “King Cobra” option was available.  It could only be ordered on a V8 car.  It had a snake decal on the hood similar to the Pontiac Trans-Am “screaming chicken.”  The chin spoiler was unique to the King Cobra.